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  • John Reid

The Intelligence of Art.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The realm of a painting

has an interesting irony.

A volley

A chemistry

outside our realm of logic

that cancels and negates the notion of owning and understanding.

A great painting is a world of fleeting information

of knowledge.

Not the knowledge we commonly associate with

that we methodically ram in our heads to remember.

The intelligence in a painting has no such gravity.

It is like the breeze

clear and ungraspable.

You can’t own this information.

As soon as you try it vanishes.

It’s a realm where nothing is stationary

so as to make sense of it.

Where the important conversations

you have with yourself

and the best paintings never leave the artist.

In this way a great painting gives us freedom from thought and the seeming imposition of structure.

It’s an essential service.

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