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  • John Reid

In the Eye of the Beholder – a diary entry.

Art’s role is to expand the conscious mind and awaken awareness so that sensation prevails over thought.

One’s view on life and self depends on whether one’s mind is in a state of contraction or expansion.

It’s about the space created within. Space to explore…to lay things out. Space to see things in a new light… in a sense of fullness from all angles.

Thought and ideas, by their inherent nature can constrict one’s sense of space for experience.

Art has to bypass completely our notion of why something is. Why something is good or bad, beautiful or ugly.

Art has to silence thought and the volley of internal dialogue.

It has to nullify the labeling system that we base so much of our life on…the logical categories that give us our sense of structure.

We need to look at art without trying to make sense of it. It’s about experiencing not understanding. It’s about the vitality of surprise.

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