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  • John Reid

A Silent Space

“It’s not about the image.

It’s about the wonder of the space you create.

As an artist one must move on from

Something to look at


Somewhere to be.”

Irrespective of what one’s art is.

Irrespective of its subject matter, story, or mood,

it must excite on some level

with that sense of Never Never Land.

That’s the dichotomy between image and art.

It’s about an energy for life

…for possibility.

Art can silence the viewer and make them aware of their own enormity. It’s a sacred space, the qualities of which are clarity of light and a silence of expanse. These qualities allow our internal world and outlook their rightful expansion beyond constraints, allowing a new sense of perspective. This is how art works as a trigger for personal awareness and evolution.

A painting isn’t emotional. Any emotion evoked on viewing art is that of the viewer not of the painting. The painting’s role is to open an internal space that allows experience. In this way paintings are catalysts and not products.

This meeting between painting and viewer offers a potential for empowerment through awareness and highlights why art is an essential service.

My role as an artist isn’t to make comment or advise but for the work to create a silent space, an island of contemplation, where people can make these decisions in themselves, for themselves. It’s a place of important self-learning and acceptance.

As an artist my focus is on the integrity of this space as a catalyst for change.

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