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  • John Reid

2 Diary Entries

Entry 1

Within the confines of the visible

one can find a space, or is invited into a space,

that is infinite

…where the self is not confined.

It is within this state of awareness that one experiences the body as a vehicle in which to reside during our time on earth.

This is a space of expansion and sensation,

free from the seeming constraints of the physical body.

A space where criticism and judgement are absent,

where one freely observes without need for comment or action.

It is where we can feel very separate from our surroundings

and yet where we realise that we are ultimately connected with everything.

Exquisite as it is, time in this space reminds us of the privilege of existing on the physical plane.

Entry 2

As an artist

one tries to be in touch

with what isn’t seen

what isn’t visual.

One tries to be in touch

with what is perceived

on a level of awareness.

Art is the imprint one leaves

as one attempts to resolve

the duality of this situation

trying to bridge the personal and universal.

This isn’t free expression

rather a considered

detached yet engaged discourse with self.

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